We promote mainstream employment for with disabilities


Article 27 of the International Convention on Human Rights for People with Disabilities establishes that those people have the right to work under equal conditions as everyone else in a job they choose freely.

Mainstream job transfer data

We managed to include a large number of people in the labour market in 2020. The challenge was met thanks to the companies who are involved with and socially committed to our collective. Thanks!


No. of people
with an intellectual disability


No. of people
with ASD/developmental disorder


No. of people
with mental illness


No. of people
with a physical disability


No. of people
with a sensory disability


No. of women


No. of men


The mutual commitment of companies, society and people contributes to the employability of people with disabilities.

We represent all kinds
of disabilities

What we can offer
your company

If you have a disability and are
looking for work

Entities that make up Foro Eca

ForoEca is made up of 12 entities located in the three historic territories of the Basque Country.

We work as a team to join forces in support of people with disabilities. If they win we all win.

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